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How long does it take to receive my order??

We ship our product the 1-2 business days after the payment process, and shipping will take roughly 5-7 business days. For priority service, please contact

What's the return policy?

If you dislike or not happy with our product, simply ship it back to us. Product must be in original packaging and unopened. Please notify us, no more than 7 days after receiving your shipment.

Does bamboo material shrink?

Yes, Bamboo does have a higher percentage rate than Cotton. Cotton has about a 4% shrinkage rate and Bamboo has a 6%. We engineered our sheets and made them shrink to fit.

Do we do wholesales?

Yes, we can implement your brand and custom make to your specifications. You choose the colors, pattern and the sizes; we do all the rest. For more information, please contact or visit our wholesale section

What's the warranty?

All products comes with a FULL 1 Year warranty on manufacturer defects. For manufacturer claims, please contact

How durable are bamboo fabrics compared to cotton?

Bamboo sheets have the added benefit of being more durable. This makes them last longer than sheets that cost more.

The higher the thread counts, the better?

The higher the thread counts, the denser the fabrics and the softer they feel; however, it will be less breathable. Our bamboo materials are 300 thread counts, making them breathable and are as soft as high thread counts cottons.

Does bamboo material needs special care?

There is no special care for bamboo materials. Machine wash in cool/warm is recommended. Line drying if available, but if only a dryer is available, try to use a delicate setting and take them out immediately and fold, as bamboo sheets may be prone to wrinkling. Click here for care instructions.

Why do bamboo sheets cost more than cotton?

You can get inexpensive cotton sheets; but when you weigh the differences in durability and comfort, bamboo will come out on top. Also, the money you save in maintaining the bamboo sheets will pay for itself in the long run.

Why are the sheets heavier than others?

The bamboo fabrics are formed with higher density than cotton sheets. This gives the softness and drapying comfort that cotton sheets can not.