Bamboo beddings is one of the most luxurious textiles you could choose for your sleep system. Follow our care guide to keep your bamboo sheets as beautiful and functional as they were on the first day you purchased them.

Cold Water Wash

it’s best to wash bamboo sheets in cool water in order to limit the possibility of shrinkage and minimize wear on fiber integrity (hot water wears fabrics much faster than cool water).

Use Mild / Eco-friendly Detergent *

Leave all other types of cleaning solutions behind. There is no need to use the odor removal since bamboo fabrics doesn't pick up odor.

Do Not Use Bleach

The chemicals within a bleaching solution is much too strong and will damage the bamboo fabrics.

Fabrics Softener Not Required

Bamboo fabrics are already much softer than cotton. Using the softener will cause more harm than good for your bed sheets.

Dry Naturally *

The simple way to dry bamboo sheets is hang them out on a laundry liner and dry them in the sun.

Cool / Low Heat Machine Dry

Use the lowest heat setting. Do not set the drying period longer than necessary; Bamboo fabrics requires less drying time than cotton.

Low Iron (if necessary)

Iron these sheets with caution and only on a low-heat setting. Avoid using steam because it may damage the sheets and because the fibers are absorbent.


Mild eco-friendly detergent

A simple natural laundry detergent recipe: 1 bar of soap (not antibacterial), 1/2 cup of borax, 1/2 cup of baking soda, Grater, Re-sealable container.

Baking soda and white vinegar

Baking soda and white vinegar are wonderful ingredients to whiten fabrics naturally without bleach. Fabrics will come out whiter and brighter without the use of chemicals.

Dry under the sun

The ultraviolet rays of sunlight will help whiten bamboo fabrics and extend its life and ensure it holds its form.

How to avoid wrinkes?

After drying, immediately take out and fold the sheets, as bamboo fabrics may be prone to wrinkling. It is quite a chore to get rid of these wrinkles so it is best to avoid them.